YouTube is experimenting with a new feature designed to help users better discover videos and channels on its site. Called “YouTube Mix”, it’s an auto-generated playlist that will display suggested videos based on what you’re reading.

While the video service already has suggested videos displayed in the right-hand sidebar of each page, YouTube Mix offers users the ability to watch 50 videos continuously that it thinks they’ll be interested in. No additional work needed to click through each video one by one to watch it.

Ideally, YouTube Mix will come in handy when you’re watching a popular clip that has been meme’ed over and over again (e.g. “Call Me Maybe” or “Gangnam Style”) or perhaps if you want to watch your favorite artist’s latest music video, like Frank Ocean’s.

Each playlist features up to 50 videos, but YouTube says that once all of those videos have been watched, an additional 50 will be shown, showing users more content that they are interested in. Just like a music playlist, users can shuffle videos, place it on repeat, or skip around to specific videos they wish to see.

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Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images