Google is testing a new program that allows creators to link their Google+ pages to their YouTube accounts and channels.

The feature is currently in beta, so it’s not available to all users. Once linked, a single Google account can manage up to 50 YouTube channels, though the owner will need to switch between accounts to manage each individually. Google also says that linking accounts opens up new features, including improved video sharing, live Hangout broadcasting and a YouTube tab on Google+.

To activate the feature, YouTube users can find a “Connect with a Google+ page (beta)” option in their advanced account settings. From there, they’ll be able to choose from linking a new Google+ page, linking an existing Google+ page that is already owned or managed by the YouTube account and linking with a Google+ profile.


Since Google is still developing the feature, the company warns that mobile apps and third party tools may take “a bit more effort” to work with these newly-linked accounts. It recommends using the most recent YouTube apps for Android and iOS and setting up login credentials for the apps. A Google+ community has been created specifically for the process to help creators that are having trouble with the transition.

Image Credit: KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images