Following the move to bring Gif support to Search, Google has shared that it will now support animated Gifs as Google+ profile photos. The company announced this news today on its Google+ page, in direct contrast to Twitter’s move to drop support for such images back in September.

According to the announcement, animated Gifs are now supported on both desktop and mobile devices. We tested the new feature for ourselves and can confirm that it works on the desktop (see my Gif’d face here), but we’re yet not seeing them in the Google+ mobile apps.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 5.22.37 PM

Animated Gifs have experienced a resurgence lately, regaining popularity in part through networks like Tumblr. The Cinemagraph-style in particular has played an interesting role in making Gifs a more respectable medium.

Update: Google confirmed with TNW that Gifs for profile image doesn’t currently work on iOS devices.

Image via Wikipedia