If you head over to the Google I/O website and click on the main two images, an ‘I’ and an ‘O,’ after a number of tries, you will be shunted over to a new webpage.

It appears that Google has built the website to accept certain codes of Is and Os to send you to other landing pages, themed to play new sound effects. TNW has uncovered the EightBit page, the Space page, the Song and the Bowling page. Sound off in the comments with that you have found as well.

Bonus points if you can share the winning code as well. Sadly, we can’t directly link you to the other versions, as unless you approach them in the proper way, you are merely shunted to the main website.

What follows is the vanilla page, and the Song page:



Here is your first hint: IIOIOOII.


Top Image Credit: keith.bellvay