It’s been almost a year since Google first unveiled its vision for Project Glass, but today the company has expanded preorders and released a new overview video, demonstrating how the glasses display interactions and services when they are in use.

Google had originally opened preorders at Google I/O 2012, allowing developers and some media to reserve their spot in the line to get their hands on the first sets of Project Glass headsets. Since then, Google employees — including Sergey Brin — have toured the US (and other countries), testing them on the ground and snapping photos from many high-profile events.

The video demos voice interactions, photo and video capabilities, sharing features, turn-by-turn navigation and Google Now integration.

Expanding preorders to “bold, creative individuals,” Google wants a wider set of users to “be a part of shaping the future of Glass.”

To apply, you need to tell Google what you would do if you had ‘Glass’ on Twitter of Google+ in 50 words or less. You have to include the #ifihadglass hashtag, but you can also add up to 5 photos or include a 15 second video.

Other requirements include you needing to be at least 18 years of age and live in the US. Unfortunately, if you (like me) live outside the US, you will have to wait.