Today in a blog post Google announced that its Calendar application for Android is now available in the Google Play store. This opens its use up to a much wider swath of Android devices; the application was previously curtailed to use on certain handsets, including the Nexus line.

Provided that your phone is running Ice Cream Sandwich – Android version 4.0.3 – or newer, you are set to go. The app can be found here.

As you might expect, the application is the mobile component of Google’s popular Calendar tool that is part of its online suite of productivity tools. This update to the product brings the ability to ‘snooze’ events, send short, “predefined” messages while on the go, and accept pinch/zoom input.

Here’s a shot of the application in action:

Bringing the Calendar application to all Android devices may seem like a simple choice, but by doing so Google does lessen the edge that Nexus devices previously held; such deals that keep select software on certain hardware and not others in a family of mobile devices is not unique to Android – Nokia’s Lumia handsets are an example of the practice.

Go get it, Android fans. Top Image Credit: danielmoyle