As I’m sure you’ve heard, Google recently acquired Nik Software, the creators of the popular Snapseed app for iOS and Mac.

But Nik Software, which has been around for 17 years, offered a wide range of products for photographers aside from Snapseed, and Google never explicitly said they would be continue to be supported post-purchase.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, must have gotten quite a few questions from Nik Software’s customers about that.

It also doesn’t help that Google doesn’t have a stellar track record in that regard.

Anyway, earlier today Gundotra took to Google+ to make it clear that the freshly acquired company’s products, which include high-end tools like Color Efex, HDR Efex and Viveza, will live on:

Earlier this week I proudly welcomed +Nik Software to Google. They’ve been making pictures more awesome for 17 years, and we’re excited to bring Nik’s expertise to the entire Google+ community!

I also want to make something clear: we’re going to continue offering and improving Nik’s high-end tools and plug-ins.

Professionals across the globe use Nik to create the perfect moment in their photographs (e.g.,, and we care deeply about their artistry.

Furthermore, Gundotra’s actually using the products, too.

So: rejoice, Nik Software clients!

And now it’s waiting time until Google employs the newly acquired talent and technology to beef up Google+.

Image Credit: Getty Images