The sweet online service IFTTT has launched a new channel that allows you to perform actions using your Google Drive account. The channel allows for recipes to be created that can do things like saving all of your Tweets or Instagram photos to your Drive account.

The service, if you’re not familiar, is essentially a glue that sticks multiple web apps together in order to let you do interesting things. Things like saving an archive of Tweets to Dropbox and keeping up with the Olympics. And using the API to cross post, archive and deliver push notifications.

The Google Drive channel is already filling up with recipes that allow you to save Craigslist searches, Instagram photos, Tweets, favorites, quick notes via SMS and more to your account.

As online services proliferate and many of them spawn their own APIs, there is no guarantee of data portability and often no way to export data out. Twitter, for instance, doesn’t even let you grab your old tweets. So archiving them to your Google Drive account via IFTTT, or doing the same to a text file for that matter, is the only way to preserve them. The IFTTT channel for Google Drive is located here.