At the Democratic National Convention? If so, you might want to wander over to the brightly colored stack of shipping containers. There, Google is.

Yes, at the Democratic shindig, Google has set up shop in a very real way. Its impromptu setup is more than cool. The Guardian’s Richard Adams was on site, and snapped a number of pictures for The Next Web. If you’ve never read Richard’s work, his blog is more than worth your time.

Now, to the photos. This first shot is from the Google Politics and Elections Google+ page:

Obviously, the place is a breathing hipster alert. But, you can’t expect much else given the venue and event.

Now, to the pictures that Richard shared. They are self-explanatory:

Yes, we too want a Chrome pillow.

And finally, this being Google, the environmental aspect:

Google is onsite, as YouTube is livecasting the convention. Don’t fret, it did the same thing for the Republican shindig last week. Tens of thousands concurrently watched its happenings.

TNW awards Google 15 points for the installation. It’s just plain cool.

Top Image Credit: Jim Carroll