Managing multiple accounts is becoming more important on the Web every day and Google has decided to make it easier for its Gmail users. TNW staffers saw this page flash up, which lets you log in with one of your accounts, or add others:

I think I just said “YAY!” really loudly and woke up my dogs. This is helpful because I have a few Gmail accounts, one of them for work, and I like to jump back and forth between them without having to open up a different browser.

We’re unaware of how long this will take to rollout to everyone, but we’ve reached out to Google to ask them. The preview link popped up for us at the bottom of the existing login page that everyone has. We’ll most certainly let you know what we find out.

UPDATE: From the awesome readers in the comments, it looks like you can opt into account choosing here. It also looks like this will be your login page for all Google properties now.

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