Google has announced some enhancements to its editing interface and experience for YouTube today. The changes are an ongoing project that started late last year. The new features include an interactive preview of your video, so you know if your edits are on the mark or not.

Here’s what YouTube had to say about it:

Last September we introduced editing tools for YouTube videos, allowing you to auto-stabilize footage, tweak the color balance, and more. You’ve used these tools on millions of videos each month, so today we’re making these tools even faster, easier to use, and more powerful.

The rollout is happening today, and you’ll be able to hop into the editing functionality by going to the Video Manager and then “Edit > Enhancements.”

Something interesting to note, that I didn’t know, you can only edit your original video until it hits 10,000 views. After that, you’ll be forced to duplicate it under a new name, to start your editing. I’m not sure what the 10,000 view cut-off is all about, but it must have to do with something that happens to an extremely viral video on the backend.