Gmail for iPhone has received an update (version 1.3) that brings in a number of performance and speed improvements, as well as the ability to save picture attachments to your photo library.

Users of Google’s Gmail app will know that it is a less than perfect solution, so it’s good to see that it’s receiving more attention as of late. With the recent acquisition of the Sparrow team, we’ll likely see many more enhancements in the future — perhaps ones that take cues from what made Sparrow so successful on iOS. No matter what, the app needs all the help it can get.

From Google:

We’ve made a bunch of under the hood changes to improve animation, scrolling, and responsiveness on the iPhone and iPod touch.

You’ll notice that many events in the app are just a little bit faster and smoother. Buttons respond to presses a little more quickly, scrolling is smoother and new views transition faster.  With this update, we tried to make it a little better with every touch.

Check out the app via the link below: