Just in case you wanted more details on what Google has in store for Project Glass, it has launched a series called “Glass Sessions”, which the Project Glass team introduced today:

Today we’re kicking off what we’re calling Glass Sessions, where you can experience what it’s like to use Glass while we build it, through the eyes of a real person, in real life. The first Glass Session follows Laetitia Gayno, the wife of a Googler, as she shares her story of welcoming a new baby, capturing every smile, and showing her entire family back in France every “first” through Hangouts.

Here’s a look at the first video:

As we mentioned earlier, Project Glass is definitely a product that can find its way to mainstream users and not just geeks.

By providing us with a glimpse of various use cases, people will be able to think about how they’d use the product themselves, and provide feedback on Google+.