Google has announced the Nexus 7 tablet, a 7″ device running Android 4.1 and made by Asus. It has a Tegra 3 quad-core chip with a 12-core GPU, 1280×800 HD display.

It also features WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, with a nine hour video playback battery life. It also has a front-facing camera. It weighs 340 grams.

The Nexus 7 tablet is clearly a Kindle Fire competitor that Google says is designed to display Google Play content like magazines, movies and more in the best way possible.

QuickShot 2012.06.27 at 10.21.29 520x390 Google Announces Nexus 7 tablet, 7, quad core, made by Asus, Android 4.1

The Nexus 7 ships with Chrome as its official browser – the first Nexus device to do so. The tablet also features dynamic widgets that help you discover content to buy right from the home screen. There is a ‘music match’ widget, for instance, that lets you identify a song much in the way that Shazam does.

There is a new Google Maps experience shipping with Nexus 7 that allows you to see inside locations that you’re traveling to. It also displays a variety of information about the location hovering over the map. The interior views can be displayed in compas mode as well, allowing you to take a virtual tour of certain interiors.

More to follow.