Google has a history of putting fun little Easter Eggs in its search results but today’s is probably the most fun of all.

If you have a spare five minutes, head on to Google and perform a search for “Zerg Rush”. It will start off as an innocent search result listing but you will soon realise each result is part of a game and you have to stop the Google ‘zeros’ from eating through them.

All you have to do is shoot at the zeros, aiming them in your crosshairs. Google will keep score and tell you how many you have destroyed. It harks back to Starcraft, but if you’re not a player like me, this will give you a chance to work out your ‘actions per minute’.

It may not be as nostalgic as the Pacman mini-game, but this will be a great little time-waster if you are stuck for something to do on your lunchbreak.

(Thanks Yousaf!)