Google launches ‘Account Activity’, a user-insight dashboard for all your online activity

Google launches ‘Account Activity’, a user-insight dashboard for all your online activity ...

Google is today introducing a new Account Activity feature for all its users.

By signing up to the service, Google will send you a link to a password-protected report with insights into your use of Google services. But only when you have been signed in to the service, of course.

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In a blog post today, Google product manager Andreas Tuerk, says:

“Knowing more about your own account activity also can help you take steps to protect your Google Account. For example, if you notice sign-ins from countries where you haven’t been or devices you’ve never owned, you can change your password immediately and sign up for the extra level of security provided by 2-step verification.”

So what possible use could you have for this dashboard? Well, it will actually be useful for monitoring your activity across the board. Remember, all your Google-ness is centralized under one account now, so YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Search, Google+ etc all fall under one account.

You could analyze your emailing habits, to see if you’re sending less or more messages. Or you could look back at what you’ve been searching for online from month-to-month, and which countries you’ve been logging in from. The service is live now, and you can opt-in here.

Google says that deletion at the data source, “e.g. in your Web History”, won’t impact your reports. However, it does stress that your reports can be deleted whenever you want.

Google Account Activity

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