European Android application developers have taken to Google’s Checkout Merchant groups to complain over missing Google Play (formerly Android Market) payments for March, despite the search giant notifying them that funds had been released.

AndroidCentral reports that the week old thread has expanded to more than 100 posts on the matter, with developers suggesting that payment is at least a week late compared to previous payments from Google.

It appears that Google pays many developers on the 2nd of each month, with it taking between three and five days for the payment to clear. However, in this case, the payment shows “as paid out” but funds have not reached some accounts.

So far, it has affected developers in the UK, Sweden, Holland, Norway, France and Spain.

Google has issued a generic response to one developer, but it doesn’t address the matter:

Thanks for reaching out to us. To ensure a faster resolution, I’ve forwarded your message to a team that’s better able to address your concerns. We’ll respond with additional information as soon as possible.

Obviously, for developers that depend on revenue from their apps, it’s a very real concern.

We have reached out to Google for comment, we will update the article should we receive a response.