Google just made its presentations tool much more collaborative thanks to a brand new discussions feature. This new version of Google Presentations was designed to make it easier to share ideas with others, and is now enabled for all new presentations.

According to the announcement, with discussions in presentations, you’ll be able to:

Comment on a shape or an entire slide to give context to your discussion.

Send an email notification by adding someone to a comment.

Resolve comments to let collaborators know that they’ve been addressed, and to reduce clutter in your presentation.

Google is rolling out these changes over the next few hours. If you’d like to give them your feedback, a portion of the team will be holding a G+ Hangout tomorrow at 2:30 EST to talk about the latest updates. Check out the Google+ page to find out how to participate.

It’s nice to see Google taking its own medicine and utilizing Hangouts for new features. Historically, Google has never been responsive to feedback and support questions (instead relying on user-supported forums), so this may be a sign of a new direction.

As for the actual release, collaborating remotely is one of Google Doc’s biggest strengths, so it’s about time this feature hit presentations.