Google launches its 2012 ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest, this time each US state has a winner

Google launches its 2012 ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest, this time each US state has a winner

Google is kick-starting its fifth Doodle 4 Google contest, giving K-12 students in the US the chance to have their artwork seen by millions.

In a blog post today, Marissa Mayer, VP, Product Management at Google, announced that the search giant is now inviting youngsters to submit their own version of the so-called ‘Google Doodle’, the ever-changing version of the logo on its Search homepage, appearing in different guises according to local events around the world.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

K-12 contestants, which cover those from kindergarten through to 12th grade, will get a chance to see their creation featured on the world’s most prominent website – the Google homepage. But there’s more than prestige at stake here, the winning Google doodler will pocket e a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant for their school too.

Rather than having carte blanche to come up with a doodle, however, each year Google stipulates a theme. And this year that theme is: If I could travel in time, I’d visit…

“That could mean visiting a past, present or future setting—whether it’s traveling back in time to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the future to witness everyday space travel, or to just a few moments ago to relive a poignant experience,” says Mayer.

“Building on last year’s record-breaking participation – 107,000 entries! –  we’ve made a few enhancements to the 2012 contest,” she continues. “First, we’re opening Doodle 4 Google up to an even wider audience—with a winner from every state. There will be five finalists and one winner per state, so everyone will have a local doodle champion to cheer on. From these 50 State Winners, we’ll find 5 National Finalists and the lucky National Winner.”

Google is partnering with artists’ supplies manufacturer Crayola this year too, with the winning doodler’s handiwork also appearing on a special edition of the 64-crayon box.

To enter, you need to submit the artwork alongside a signed and completed entry form, you can find more information on the contest here. Submissions are open from Jan 18 – Mar 23, with online voting taking place from May 2 – 10, followed by an awards ceremony on May 17. The winning doodle will appear on the homepage the following day.

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