Google+ now lets you share pictures effortlessly from Gmail

Google+ now lets you share pictures effortlessly from Gmail

Google has just announced that G+ users will be able to seamlessly share pictures from their inbox. This change integrates the ever popular Gmail service right into Google+.  This particular feature is in response to the discussions Google has with users through the Gmail Google+ Page.

The feature, rolling out over the next few days, continues Google’s mission to integrate Google+ with all of their services, instantly making the likes of YouTube that much more social.

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The Official Gmail Blog explains more

Lots of great images are sent through email, but sharing those photos with friends on Google+ used to require downloading the image from Gmail and re-uploading to your profile. Not anymore: Now you can share photo attachments with one quick click. The image(s) will be uploaded to your Google+ photos and be viewable only to the circles that you choose to share with.

Will this feature lead social gmail users to Google+ over Facebook? One single change shouldn’t tip the tides, but if Google can seamlessly connect all of their products together through Google+, it’s easy to imagine how fast it could grow. What services do you think Google+ will be integrated into next? Let us know in the comments!

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