Google has today launched an updated version of its Apps Status Dashboard that will give Google Apps users much more detailed information about what is going on with the status of various apps. The previous dashboard simply gave an ‘up-or-down’ status, but the new one is much more information rich.

The new design gives you a timeline setup that makes it much easier to track the status of apps from day to day. This way you can track how long an app is down over the course of several days. The status is indicated by yellow or red dots, which are clickable.

When you click on them, you’ll be provided with a transcript of all of the status messages that apply to the outage. This status transcript is also linkable, so you can supply it in an email to anyone wondering why their apps aren’t working.

The dashboard can also be viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they are logged in to Apps or not. You can check out the new Status Dashboard here.