What is Google aiming at with ‘Dart Language’ domain name registrations?

What is Google aiming at with ‘Dart Language’ domain name registrations?

Google appears to be working on a product called Dart, or Dart Language, after a raft of new domain name registrations have been made.

Fusible spotted the registrations from the search giant, which were made yesterday and cover ‘DartLang‘, ‘DartLanguage‘ ‘Dart-Lang‘ and ‘GoogleDart‘ in .com, .net and .org flavours.

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What might Dart be? Well, Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick in 2007 brought with it that company’s DART (Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting) ad serving technology. Google announced the retiring of the DART brand last year, however, meaning that this new ‘Dart’ could be just about anything.

It’s worth noting that Google recently trademarked the name ‘Spot’ under the category of “computer programs and downloadable computer programs that implement an object-oriented computer programming language”. Relevant domain names were also registered. Could Dart be another programming language in the works, accompanying that as-yet unannounced Spot and Google’s existing open source Go?

Then again, given the ‘Dart’ name’s heritage, maybe it’s some kind of advertising-related product. As with anything from Google, we’ll be watching closely to find out.

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