Google releases browser add-on to surface relevant content from around the Web

Google releases browser add-on to surface relevant content from around the Web

Google has released a new Chrome extension and Google Toolbar feature that lets users automatically see relevant content that’s tailored to what’s on the page they’re currently viewing.

Here’s the official video:

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You can download Google Related as an Extension to the Google Chrome browser, this is available from the Chrome Web Store. It’s also available for Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer.

The search giant announced Google Related in a blog post today, and the new feature is designed to help users find related information to whatever it is they’re currently browsing.

So, for example, if you visit a restaurant’s website, Google Related will show you a map, reviews from Google Places, and other mentions from across the Web, not to mention other similar eateries.

Results are displayed at the bottom of the browser, and you can hover over them with your mouse to glean more information. When you click, they’ll open instantly in your browser. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google Related also has a social element built in, meaning you can share information using the associated +1 button.

The Google Related Extension can be easily hidden, by accessing the Options menu. And if you’re using it as part of Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer, you can easily disable it using the Options menu there too.

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