Google launches its +1 Button for the whole web

Google launches its +1 Button for the whole web

We interviewed Google, when it first launched its notorious “+1” button at the end of March. Since then Google has been testing out the +1 button in its search results, allowing the power of social to raise the rating of search responses.

Today, Google announced the +1 Button for the entire web, effectively acting as Google’s version of the Facebook ‘Like’ button. As a result, you will start seeing +1s appear on sites across the Internet. The first group of +1ers includes: The Huffington Post, Mashable, Tech Crunch, Reuters, Rotten Tomatoes, AddThis and Bloomberg. You’ll also start to see +1 buttons on other Google properties such as Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube.

So. Much. Tech.

Some of the biggest names in tech are coming to TNW Conference in Amsterdam this May.

Just like the Facebook “Like,” Google’s +1 lets users recommend articles, products, fashion items, anything under the Internet sun, with just one click. Then, the next time people in your social networks search, they will see your +1’s in their search results.

If you still haven’t seen the +1 on your Google searches, it’s because Google is notoriously slow at rolling out its new features. Fortunately, Google is providing an opt-in to at least speed up the process somewhat, via its Google Experiments page. Check out our How to: Enable Google +1 for your account right now.

Google believes its +1 buttons will make it easier for users to recommend content to friends and contacts, and make search results even more helpful and relevant. What do you think? Will you add +1 to your Liking, Tweeting, Tumbling, Stumbling and sharing habits?

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