Google’s Senior Vice-President of Social Vic Gundotra took the stage today at Google I/O to present at the Chrome Keynote, giving us an insight into the Chrome Web Store and how well it has been performing.

Gundotra announced that since it launched at Google I/O last year, before becoming public in December 2010, the Chrome Web Store has facilitated 17 million application installations and is now available to Chrome’s 160 million users in 41 languages. Users are spending twice as much time spent inside their Chrome applications and transactions have nearly tripled.

Mentioning the power of integrated Google Payments, a new feature was announced allowing developers to facilitate in-app payments with a single line of code, with Google keeping just 5% commission. This feature is incoming though, to be released soon.

The number of installs came soon after Google’s Senior VP of Chrome, Sundar Pichai announced that Google had doubled the number of active users that are using Chrome as their main browser. Today, 160,000,000 people are using Chrome with a whole slew of new features, up from 70 million six month previous.