Google finds itself as the subject of yet another antitrust complaint, this time taking fire from two Korean Internet search sites that accuse the search giant of blocking them from embedding their search applications within the Android operating system.

Bloomberg reports that NHN Corp. and Daum Communications Corp. have filed complaints with Korea’s Fair Trade Commission, accusing Google of banning all South Korean phone manufacturers from including search applications under its marketing contract, delaying the certification of handset makers that “violated the condition”.

Google has responded, saying that Android is open to all carriers and partners:

“Android is an open platform, and carriers and partners are free to decide which applications and services to include. We’re looking forward to working with the FTC to address any questions they may have.”

Daum Communications claims to have evidence to prove its claims, becoming aware of the inability to embed its apps when it tried to install its applications on the platform.

The claim is a big one, NHN and Daum together have around a 90% share of web searchers on computers in South Korea, so we expect these complaints to be vigorously pursued.