If you’re a fan of Google Realtime, you’re going to love this. The search modifier, which looks across social media sites for updates in “real time” has gotten a completely clean new look that makes data easier to decipher:

Screen shot 2010 12 14 at 4.22.30 PM Google Realtime gets a page refresh. Cleaner display and Top updates featured.

As you can see above, the trend display has been moved over to the right side of the page. Located there, instead of directly below the search box, it’s in a handy-to-read place, but doesn’t overtake the results. Oh, and speaking of results, there’s a Top Updates feature on that right side too which is meant to display the most relevant results for your query.

As our society shifts more toward instant-communication, Google’s Realtime option is bringing about some great changes. We like the new results, and the clean look just goes to focus on them more highly.