A few months ago, when Google updated the Blackberry mobile app to give on-device searching for email and contacts, it was a great step for Blackberry users. Today, according to the Google Mobile blog, some other big changes have landed as well.

Most other devices that use the Google Mobile App have the ability to search not only email and contacts that are on the device, but also stored Gmail items, Google contacts and even Docs. Until today, though, that wasn’t available for Blackberry owners.

You can now search for any of your cloud-stored Google items just by entering your search term to the Google Mobile App:

To do this on your BlackBerry you’ll need to start Google Mobile App and log into your Google Account (you’ll only need to do this the first time). Just as with any other query, you can either type or speak to find what you’re looking for.

Give it a shot, Berry fans, and let us know what you think.