Kia promises self-driving cars will be available by 2030

Kia promises self-driving cars will be available by 2030

Another day, another company getting into the autonomous driving game. This time around it’s Kia, and it’s making a bold claim: 100 percent automated vehicles in its fleet by 2030.

The cars will be powered by a new feature the company is calling ‘Drive Wise,’ replacing the company’s current ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) platform.

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These vehicles will theoretically not need any user assistance whatsoever, and should be able to drive even without a user inside it. You would be able to ‘loan’ a vehicle to a family member by sending it to their address with a smartphone app, for instance.

Kia Motors introduces new ‘DRIVE WISE’ sub-brand for autonomous driving technologies
Drive Wise will theoretically allow you to control your vehicle from your mobile devices, even a smartwatch.

In the meantime, the company says we should expect partially autonomous vehicles to begin implementing the the Drive Wise brand by 2020 – a test model based on a Kia Soul has already been approved for public roads in Nevada. These cars will tout features such as autonomous parking or advanced cruise-control on highways – a la Tesla – to help you relax a bit on those longer trips.

The company says that by 2030 “drivers will be free of the burden of driving.” Not a phrase you typically expect to hear from a car manufacturer, but perhaps appropriate for its first-ever appearance at CES.

Kia Motors introduces new Drive Wise sub-brand for autonomous driving technologies [Kia]

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