Nokia’s devices and services unit is now owned by Microsoft and to celebrate the company has released a new advert on YouTube.

Sporting the tagline ‘Not Like Everybody Else’, it uses a track by English rock band The Kinks to highlight Nokia’s expertise in industrial design. In a street drained of color, one brightly dressed pedestrian grabs his yellow Lumia 1020, adorns a matching pair of headphones and strolls down the road – causing passersby to be paralyzed by sheer shock and awe.

It’s a slick advert that embraces the position of the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft’s mobile OS is stuck in third place at the moment, but just as Apple did with its own marketing, the company is using it as a point of differentiation. Now that Nokia’s handset business is under Microsoft’s wing, focusing its message and emphasizing its strengths is a wise move.

Not Like Everybody Else (via The Verge)