Coming soon: An Android device you can wear as a watch?

Coming soon: An Android device you can wear as a watch?

HereÔÇÖs something straight from the set of Star Trek. A Silicon Valley startup has developed a device built on GoogleÔÇÖs Android operating system that can be worn as a watch.

According to a report on today, Wimm Labs has developed a 1.4-inch square touchscreen display for companies to develop into their own customized products, such as watches, health monitors or mountable displays for bicycles. Developers can also create micro apps for the device.

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The device comes armed with two processors ÔÇô one for basic functions such as time-keeping and step-counting (pedometer), whilst the other is designed to support more advanced features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Whilst the moduleÔÇÖs software is based on Android, it will also be compatible with BlackBerry and iOS devices, and it comes pre-equipped with a library of micro apps such as calendar, weather and world clock. Third-party apps would allow it to be used as a TV remote control among other things.

Developers should be able to access the device some time in September, and it should go on sale to the public shortly after that. Meanwhile, hereÔÇÖs what it looks like, image courtesy of Beta News:

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