Facebook releases Stetho, a powerful debugging tool for Android

Facebook releases Stetho, a powerful debugging tool for Android

Developers often struggle with quickly discovering problems in large native code bases and figuring out how to fix them, particularly when developing for Android.

Facebook might have a solution. Today, the company announced a new tool for debugging Android code called Stetho. Developers can use Stetho to get access to data about what’s going on in their Android apps using the familiar Chrome Developers interface that many Web developers are familiar with.

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The company says that Stetho requires very little setup for developers to get started, and they can then jump into Chrome’s ‘inspect’ window to begin searching for bugs.

It’s early days for Stetho, with Facebook saying that more features are to come in the future along with other open-source Android projects.

➀ Stetho: A new debugging platform for Android [Facebook Code]

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