Facebook rolled out suggested events way back in 2011, and now it is finally beefing up its event discovery role with a redesign that introduces ‘Events for You’ (as first spotted by TechCrunch).

The redesign is still in testing with some users right now — for example, I am still on the old design but my colleague Carlos is already seeing the new one. The new Events page looks a lot more organized and there is now a right-hand-side column listing events that are recommended for you, which you can click into for a more comprehensive list.

Facebook notes that it suggests events for you based on how you’re connected to them through your friends, Pages you like, places you have checked-in at, as well as the apps you use on Facebook. As Facebook is increasingly perceived to connect people online but isolate them in real life, getting its users out and about could help it claw back against some of that negative image. Emphasizing event discovery is also a useful monetization route, given that it may attract event organizers to increase their promotions on the social network.