Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today at its F8 developer conference that users can now use its platform to login to third-party apps anonymously and also toggle granular individual permissions. When using Facebook Login, you’ll be able to go through permissions line-by-line to choose which ones you want to enable.

The company is also tightening up functionality that used to let you share your friends’ data. Individual users will now have to elect to share their data to an app.


During his keynote, Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook has changed its motto from “Move fast and break things” to “Move fast with stable infrastructure.” The change reflects new efforts to reduce bugs on the platform and better support developers’ needs. Facebook has introduced a two-year stability guarantee and promised to fix major bugs within 48 hours as part of its service-level agreement.

Just hours ahead of F8, news leaked out that Facebook would launch AppLinks.org, a new standard for linking between mobile apps.

This is Facebook’s first F8 event since 2011. The firm announced last month that it was bringing the conference back with a renewed focus on helping developers “build, grow and monetize” their apps.

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