Facebook is making things easier for marketers by updating its Pages Manager app for iOS app with a few useful features. One of the biggest changes introduced is that you can finally create and edit events in the app on your iPad.

Version 3.0 of the also app lets you pin and unpin posts to the top of your page’s Timeline, so admins can conveniently select which posts they want to highlight. They can also turn photos on their page’s timeline and photo albums into profile pictures with just a tap of the button.


Interestingly enough, the changelog for the updated app also claims to let page admins send feedback and report problems simply by shaking your mobile device — but no matter how I shook my iPhone, nothing happened. Even if the feature may be a tad gimmicky, it could be a useful shortcut for marketers in urgent situations when they experience problems with Facebook Pages. Here’s hoping Facebook addresses this soon.

➤ Facebook Pages Manager for iOS

Thumbnail image via West McGowan / Flickr