Today at its News Feed event Facebook outlined a bold, mobile-inspired new design for the core service of its social network. For a full rundown of the new features, head here.

If you are excited to get your hands onto the new experience, you might be disappointed: the roll-out to the Web will start today, but Facebook noted that it will be moderate in how quickly it introduces the changes. This is likely to help the firm avoid moving too quickly, and disrupting the user experience with a design that could contain flaws.

So, the introduction begins today, but you might not get it right away. Facebook’s applications for mobile devices will be updated over the next few weeks. The new design will be released first for iOS devices, and later for Android.

In short, in a month’s time it appears that Facebook’s new News Feed will be live everywhere, for everyone. If you want to cut to the head of the line, hit up this link and tell Facebook you want in.

Top Image Credit: Facebook