Last month, Facebook introduced a feature called “trending articles” that stuck a slideshow into your news feed of popular news articles via your friends that you might have missed.

It looks like videos are now getting the same treatment, as some users have just noticed “trending videos” in their news feed as well.

Based on what your friends are watching, using apps that are connected to Facebook’s Open Graph of course, you’ll be shown the this slideshow of videos to check out:

This is obviously Facebook’s way of re-surfacing content that you might have missed due to the real-time nature of the news feed.

Some folks were pretty annoyed with trending articles, so it’ll be interesting to see how well this does. It’s great news for apps like Viddy and Socialcam, since its content will be shown more than ever before.

I have no idea what Airtime is, but perhaps Sean Parker will get some mileage out of this feature, too.

It’s safe to say that most of the popular Open Graph actions will get this same treatment, especially music. It’s like trending topics on Twitter…but with actual content.