If you’re a global brand and want to be able to reach as many people as possible with your marketing message, you might have difficulties in getting those people to the right brand page you’ve created for them.

It looks like Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow brands to have one main page and then let users choose which region they’d like to have set as the default. The feature also automatically switches the page based on your current geographical location.

The switching feature makes sense if you’re a heavy traveler and get redirected to the wrong page due to where you are at that moment.

When you visit Facebook’s Marketing page and click the arrow next to “message”, you’ll see an option to switch regions:

While this might be something that Facebook is just using for its own pages, I can think of a few global brands that would love to get their hands on this. The feature allows a brand to have multiple walls, tabs, and URLS all accesible though this simple dropdown.