Facebook’s Windows Phone application has been lacking in terms of features and regular updates in an update announced this morning that it will soon push a new version of the app that delivers more functionality to Windows Phone users.

Posting to the Facebook for Windows Phone page, the mobile development team notes that as a result of receiving feedback via Facebook, email and on the Windows Phone Marketplace, it will soon release version 2.5 of its Microsoft-centric app with lots of new features.

Enhanced functionality within the app will include Metro-styled threaded messaging, the ability to tag friends and locations in posts using ‘with’ or ‘at’ identifiers, options to delete posts and comments with a simple long-press of the context menu and active links in posts, which direct users straight to linked content.

The Windows Phone team have also updated the photo comments and Likes page, matching the comment and Likes page of the original post. The app will display the image at the top of the page, allowing users to pull it down and view the entire thread.

Perhaps the most popular request by Windows Phone users was the ability to ‘Like’ comments, something that has only been present in Facebook’s iOS, Android and web apps previously.

The Facebook Windows Phone team says that the app is “going through our final rounds of testing and sign off, then we’ll be able to share it with the world.”

We will, of course, alert you when we the update goes live.