Facebook app Social Memories scans your profile and makes a book out of it, drawing on photographs of yourself and a range of statistics such as your most active friends, and their horoscope distributions.

Like the majority of Facebook apps, it has no practical value and serves to massage the ego above all else, but that’s the fun of social networks, right?

Make sure you’ve got a fair amount of pictures of yourself floating around. I tried to create a book as a test run for this article, but as a Facebook Luddite with only one or two images of myself on the site, it didn’t have enough material to run with.

You can see the app’s output for free, but if you want it printed as a book in a true act of self-love, it’ll run you 19 Euros — or close to US$17.

Perhaps most surprising is that Social Memories isn’t made by your average Facebook-dependent startup: it’s a product of Deutsche Post DHL, a mail and logistics corporation.