If you’ve missed the news about Facebook’s new send button, make sure to drop by our coverage of it here. No worries, this piece will still be around when you get back.

Done? Good. Now, you’ll notice that it says that Facebook is rolling out the button to 50 sites. Feeling left out? No longer, my friends! You too can have your very own Facebook Send button, and it’s as easy as following a few simple steps:

Head to the Send Button page and create your button

Once created, make sure to tag it for different languages, and if needed adjust your width to accomodate them:
Screen shot 2011 04 25 at 2.19.35 PM 520x196 How to get your own Facebook Send button right now

You can’t get referrals directly from the Send button just yet. Facebook says that the feature is coming soon. However, once implemented, the code is pretty simple:

Screen shot 2011 04 25 at 2.20.22 PM 520x176 How to get your own Facebook Send button right now

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Send button likes to work with WordPress posts very well. At least it doesn’t work with our installation. As such, you’ll likely need to embed it into the footer or somewhere else on the page, if you’re using WordPress. That is, of course, until someone comes up with a WordPress plugin for the Send Button.