Facebook has announced that their Groups feature now has over 50 million groups created. In response to this, they’ve added a new ‘Send’ button that will allow you to share items with your groups.

The Send button will exist alongside the ‘Like’ button as a way to share things with just a particular group, rather than with every friend you have on Facebook. This way only the people that share the same interest in that topic as you will see what you send.

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The new type of button will also allow you to share something with a specific friend, which should bypass a lot of the spam in your feed and allow you to share specific items with individuals.

In addition to the new Share feature, Facebook has made changes to the way that you post items to groups. You can now post questions and polls privately to that group only. You can also upload entire albums to your group. This should work nicely for sharing a vacation you took with your closest friends without having your entire Facebook contact list see the images.

Group owners can now also approve people before they’re added to the group. The new Groups format will require that the owner upgrade to the new format and for each member to upgrade as well. Information on how to upgrade will be sent out to group owners and members over the next few weeks.

I built a sample button using Facebook’s new tool, you can see what it looks like below.

Screen shot 2011 04 25 at 12.22.41 PM Facebook announces new group sharing service with Send button

Starting today, the Send button will be available on 50 ‘leading’ websites and it will appear on more as the feature is rolled out. If you’re a website owner looking to roll out a Send button or a combined Like and Send button, you can learn how by checking out our ‘how to’ post here.