If you weren’t in the room the other week when TNW’s even in São Paulo kicked off, you missed out on an epic two minute video clip. We splashed it across our main screens, 14 meters wide (we do it bigger in Amsterdam, but this was our first Latin American event). It was an instant hit.

To compensate for stragglers late on day one, we played it again the next day, but still, most people haven’t had a chance to peep the clip. So, here it is. Watch it in full screen, and use headphones with a decent lower end.

The lovely folks over at PlusNewMedia made it for us. They are an awesome group.

In other news, we’ll have clips from the conference as well as pictures in the future. We’re still processing the content. Hang tight. And one last time, thanks for having us Brazil, it was awesome.

From the event:

Top Image Credit: Pedro Belleza