Aviary, the NY-based startup that wants to power every mobile photo application on the planet, has just announced its third image-centric hackathon: Photo Hack Day 3, which will be held this August July (14th-15th) in San Francisco at Dropbox HQ.

The event, which also counts Facebook, Sincerely, Walgreens and Tumblr as sponsors, has made waves since last August, where we covered it from the beginning. Believe me when I say, it was quite an exhausting (yet magical) event.

Since then, Photo Hack Day 2 came and went with even better results, and so it was about time the event expanded to beyond a single city. Now, #3 packs over $10,000 in prize money and giveaways, and should be more promising than ever, now that it has earned a name for itself.

For more, check out the official site below and mark your calendars!

➤ Photo Hack Day 3

If you’re interest in sponsoring the event or if your company has a photo API that you’d like to share with developers, you can get in touch with Aviary here: PHD@aviary.com.