UK and France unveil scary billion-dollar plan to police the sky

UK and France unveil scary billion-dollar plan to police the sky

If you thought that drones were just a bit of fun, or even if you think loads of novices flying them around is a bit dangerous, nothing is quite a scary as the UK and France’s new joint plan: the drone to end all drones.

The £1.5 billion ($2.1 billion) Future Combat Air System will see the creation of the “most advanced drone of its kind in Europe,” according to Reuters, to be built after the countries have completed a joint feasibility study launched in 2014.

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The UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the French President Francois Hollande will unveil the ultimate modern war machine on a bi-annual visit to northern France to commemorate World War I, supposedly the ‘war to end all wars.’

It will both be able to conduct surveillance, as well as fire missiles, so let’s hope it’s more secure than the drones being used by Dutch police, which can currently be hacked for about $40.

➀ France, Britain to seal ÂŁ1.5 billion drone deal, tighten security ties [Reuters]

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