TextMaster debuts LOOP, offers on-the-fly translation and proofreading of your emails

TextMaster debuts LOOP, offers on-the-fly translation and proofreading of your emails

When you’re sending business-related emails to clients or partners, no matter what size your organization is, the last thing you want is for messages to be riddled with typos and grammar errors.

Enter TextMaster, a startup from the eFounders stable, which is today releasing a new tool called LOOP that basically allows people to use its text translation and proofreading service on demand.

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To use LOOP, users can simply send an email that needs to be checked or translated to a custom email address (e.g. checkthis@thenextweb.com) and get it returned in a different language or sans spelling or other linguistic mistakes.

TextMaster claims it can return proofread or translated emails in just a few minutes in most cases, depending of course on the complexity of the order.

To pull this off, TextMaster uses its namesake platform, which connects to more than 47.000 writing professionals (authors, translators and proofreaders). In fact, LOOP is a free add-on for paying TextMaster subscribers – pricing of the ‘bundles’ are based on needs.

Prices for using LOOP start at less than two cents per word for translations, which translates to about 2 euros per average email (of 100 words). For proofreading, the price is 1 cent per word.

Translated or proofread texts are royalty-free, which means TextMaster clients have the right to unlimited use of the text, both online and offline, and even have the right to resell the content.

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