Sony appears to have fallen victim to yet another hack, with its Irish music website bearing the brunt this time.

The Sony Music Ireland site was this morning displaying three news stories claiming that; two members of band The Script had died, Rebecca Black had married R Kelly and that scientists had proven X-Factor contestants were stupid. The prank follows on from a spate of hacks the Japan-based electronics and media giant has suffered in the past three months.

The website URL is currently redirecting to Sony Music Ireland’s Facebook page, although Google’s cache still holds the rogue version of the site.  The Irish Times reports that Sony Music Ireland is refusing to comment on the incident, except to say that the stories published were false. No-one has yet claimed responsibility for this latest attack, which feasibly could alternatively have been an ‘inside job’ by a disgruntled employee.

It comes just a day after a Fox News Twitter account was hijacked to falsely report the death of the US president.