Switzerland Bans Violent Games

Switzerland Bans Violent Games

The “God of War” will most likely be exiled from Switzerland along with the characters of probably any other game with either a PEGI 16+ or PEGI 18+ certificate, according to the new legislation that will illegalize violent games.

The Swiss government is preparing the exact requirements of the new legislation and although nothing has been decided yet, a ban on the production, distribution and sale of any games deemed to be unsuitable is highly probable.

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The Swiss National Council first outlined the proposals only a month ago, and now has passed a law that will ban all violent video games in the country. The original proposal aimed to the ban on any title that “requires cruel acts of violence against humans and humanlike creatures for in-game success”. So far the nation’s games retailers opposed and presented a counter proposed a form of self-regulation that would place strict controls on the sale of games to minors, but this time looks very unlikely that the video game industry will avoid the ban.

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