I’m guessing only a few of you made it to Y Combinator’s 2012 Startup School last week, but the good news is you can now watch videos for most of the sessions online. The videos are available at http://startupschool.org/2012/.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s talk with Y Combinator’s Paul Graham is likely to be one of the big draws. Zuck made some interesting comments about MySpace during his talk. I’ve also heard the talks from GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner and Y Combinator partner Jessica Livingston are definitely worth a watch.

Other noteworthy speakers include Uber founder Travis Kalanick, Stripe founder Patrick Collison, Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann and SV Angel’s Ron Conway.

Y Combinator started the one-day Startup School conference to provide young hackers and entrepreneurs with an opportunity to hear from industry leaders.

Image credit: iStockPhoto