Pretend you know exactly where you’re going, even when you don’t

Pretend you know exactly where you’re going, even when you don’t

The most dangerous people on skis, bikes and on foot are those who are trying too hard to prevent accidents.

You know when you’re walking on the sidewalk and someone comes up to you looking unsure as to whether to pass you on the left or right? You look at them, start to doubt the whole thing yourself, and you almost bump into each other. That never happens to people who know where they are going and just go for it.

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Same thing during skiing. You see a scared person, in the middle of the slope, looking back at you, uncertain whether to go or stop. Those are the dangerous skiers you want to avoid. They might just suddenly stop or make a turn in an unexpected way.

As an entrepreneur you often have a whole team of people looking at you. They want to get the impression you know exactly where you are going, even if you don’t. It is just fine to question yourself and ask for second opinions. But at the end of the day you will have to make a decision and charge ahead, full steam.

Photo credit: Olinchuk via Shutterstock.

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